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Mens Clothing

Our Men’s Clothing features all of our Little Legends on a choice of our supersoft 100% cotton Men’s t-shirts and our great quality Heavyweight Hoodies.
All of our clothes are printed with great pride and care here in the UK, they are not mass produced in a sweatshop!!
We use the latest printing technology with inks that are both environmentally friendly and Oeko-Tex approved.
VIPwees hail from the world of Music, Sport, T.V & Film and some say these perky portrayals are inspired by Bands like Nirvana, The Foo Fighters & Oasis, Musicians like Elvis Presley, Eminem & Ozzy Osborne, as well as Movies like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Taxi Driver & The Lost Boys, along with some great T.V Shows Like The Wire and The Big Bang Theory!!!
So whether you choose to smother your torso in one of our snuggly Hooded Tops or one of our cool T’s, there is one thing you can be sure of…..There will be a VIPwee that is right for you!